2020 Street Paving Program

The Board of Supervisors recently approved the 2020 Street Paving Program. The following West Goshen Township streets will be paved this summer and residents on the streets will be notified prior to work commencing. The project is expected to begin around July 8, 2020 and be completed within three to four weeks. 2020 Street Paving […]

Board of Supervisors’ Statement on COVID-19 Response

This statement was made at the April 21, 2020 Board of Supervisors meeting by Supervisor Shaun Walsh regarding the overall COVID-19 response by the Township and subsequent expenditures for overtime.

Yard Waste Collection Tips

Yard Waste Collection Tips Sticks, branches, and twigs must be tied in bundles no more than four feet in length and four feet in diameter and may not exceed 50 pounds per bundle. Branches may not exceed 4 inches in diameter. Other yard waste may be placed in trash cans or biodegradable paper bags which […]

Quarterly Sewer / Trash Billing Delayed

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the Township has delayed the quarterly sewer / trash billing. 1st quarter 2020 sewer / trash bills were mailed on April 29th with a due date of May 31st.  

Aqua Water Main Project

Aqua, PA, West Goshen Township’s potable water utility, is planning work on Dorothy Lane, Fern Hill Lane, Gateway Lane and Paul Lane beginning on Wednesday, April 8, 2020. Please contact Aqua, PA with any questions and please see their “letter to residents” below:

FEMA Rumor Control

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has set up a website addressing rumors regarding the COVID-19 crisis. Rumors circulate through social media and most often provide wrong or out-of-date information. Please see the FEMA rumor control website here:  FEMA Rumor Control

Flush only Toilet Paper and What Nature Provides!

With the COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis, please follow the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations on sanitizing hard surfaces, door knobs, etc. with sanitizing wipes. Centers for Disease Control Sanitizing Tips HOWEVER, please do not flush those wipes, paper towels or any other non-toilet paper products.  Non-toilet paper products clog sanitary sewer systems and lead to […]

Trash & Recycling Collection Update

Even during the COVID-19 crisis, your Township trash, recycling and bulk trash collection will continue normally. Please do not put out any additional trash, recycling or bulk trash outside of what is allowable.  It will not be collected. Please see the Trash & Recycling webpage for rules and regulations. Thank you for your cooperation.

Final CADMUS Renewable Energy Plan

Below is a link to the final CADMUS / West Chester Area Council of Governments Renewable Energy Plan.

Sustainability / Environmental Advisory Committee

West Goshen Township is seeking resumes of those interested in participating in an ad hoc Committee to formulate a new Sustainability / Environmental Advisory Committee. Those interested should have experience or education in Planning, Environmental Science or other related fields. The ad hoc Committee’s tasks are: Develop permanent Committee membership requirements. Create a Committee scope […]