West Goshen Township Through the Years

As 2020 comes to a close, the West Goshen Historical Commission would like to cap off the year by taking a look back at some of the significant moments in the history of the township and surrounding area. Over the past three centuries, our township has experienced many monumental events and was home to many […]

West Goshen History: Dr. William Darlington

Dr. William Darlington was born on April 28, 1782, in Chester County and went on to lead a most unique life here.  It was 1804, he was 22 years old, and he graduated from the Medical School of the University of Pennsylvania.  He was the first Chester Countian to accomplish that feat.  While studying medicine […]

Belair Estate: The Home of George A. McCall

During the nineteenth century, West Goshen Township was a getaway for Philadelphia residents to relax at their country homes. The expansive pastures and dense forests offered a quiet reprieve from the chaos of the city. One of these notable residents was General George Archibald McCall. He retired to his West Goshen farm after a life […]