Anaerobic Digester and Operations Building Rehabilitation Project Update

The Anaerobic Digester and Operations Building Rehabilitation Project at the wastewater treatment facility, which began in December 2017, is now complete. The 6-million dollar project was initiated to replace aged and deteriorated infrastructure, to improve operations and personnel safety, and to prepare for future treatment requirements. Much of the electrical equipment upgrades were necessary to meet the requirements identified in NFPA 820, Standard for Fire Protection in Wastewater Treatment. Upgrades included replacement and/or relocation of the Motor Control Center (MCC), lighting, conduits, valves, piping, pumps, HVAC, boiler, and the waste gas burner. Additionally, a power docking station was added to allow for a towed generator unit to be utilized in case of planned or emergency power loss to the building.

The two anaerobic digesters (330,000 gallon concrete tanks) were replaced and relocated to provide a physical separation from the operations building. By eliminating the common wall between the digesters (where combustible gases are formed and stored) and the operations building, areas within the building were able to be de-rated to less significant code requirements and made safer for employees.


These renovations will ensure the reliability of this vital part of the wastewater treatment process for decades to come. Sewer Authority public meetings are held monthly on the first Wednesday of the month at 7:00 pm in the Township’s main meeting room. Please feel free to attend.

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