Meet Shaun Walsh: West Goshen’s Newest Board Member

Originally from Manchester, UK, Shaun holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from Birmingham University, UK. Mr. Walsh came to the USA in 1986 and recently retired after a 37-year career in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries where he worked in engineering, operations and facilities management roles.  Shaun’s career journey took him to Philadelphia (where he met his spouse, Tracey), Fayetteville, NC, and Mobile, AL, before settling in West Goshen in 1998. Shaun and his family have resided in the Township for over 20 years, raising two children here. The Walsh family has found West Goshen to be a fantastic place to live with a winning combination of amenities, natural surroundings, great neighborhoods and the overall vibrancy of the West Chester area.

“I was always impressed with the quality of services provided by the Township and a few years back I decided I wanted to become involved as a volunteer because I believe strongly in residents supporting an efficient and effective local government.  In particular, as an engineer and with my business experience in projects and capital management, I wanted to help make productive investments in public infrastructure in West Goshen that benefit residents, businesses and the wider community”, Shaun states.  Mr. Walsh realized that the 5-year capital program that started in 2016 to invest in upgrading the sewer facilities in the Township was a perfect opportunity for him to get engaged with the process of local government and to make a contribution. “It has been my privilege to be a member and secretary of the WG Sewer Authority for the last 3 years.”

Of national and local importance is the country’s infrastructure. Mr. Walsh realizes that the Township faces continuing challenges with the need to address aging infrastructure and avoid emergency spending, particularly in the sections of West Goshen that were developed many decades ago.  In addition, with the recent completion of the Comprehensive Plan, township administrators and board members can now create a long-term roadmap to begin tackling the priority issues identified by residents’ input, such as key road intersections to improve traffic flow. All this will require a clear and forward-thinking plan, underpinned by a smart investment strategy, and most importantly the buy-in and support of Township residents to make it happen.

Shaun believes the best way to address the issues facing the Township is through a team approach, and looks forward to working closely with the Board, township staff, residents and the community to continue to make West Goshen a wonderful place to live, work and play.


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