Raven’s Lane Stormwater Project Update

In January, 2021, the Township’s hired contractor J.A. Jurich, began a project to replace approximately 1,100 linear feet of 50+ year old corrugated metal pipe (CMP) in the Falconcrest residential neighborhood on Raven’s Lane and nearby streets at a price of $397,655.

The Falconcrest residential neighborhood was built in the early to mid 1960’s.  No Township construction inspections or approvals occurred and concrete pipe was originally intended to be used, but the developer at the time installed CMP.  CMP has a life expectancy of around 30 years, so this pipe is now well past its useful life.

Project completion is expected in April 2021, weather dependent.

Below are construction progress photos and show just how large the Raven’s Lane Stormwater Project is and why deteriorating infrastructure repair and replacement is so important.


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