Recycling Tips: What Can Be Recycled?

Recycling Takes Little Effort On Your Part For A Big Difference To Our World

Plastic – Recycling plastic can be confusing with all of the code numbers that are stamped on products.

Below is a chart of some items that are acceptable and unacceptable for recycling in our area. You may also view a PDF here. Most plastic products are made from more than just one type of plastic so the chart is just an example. Soft plastics such as store bags, bubble wrap and packaging can be taken to any drop off box that you see in grocery stores, etc. If you can push your finger through the plastic, it’s too flimsy to recycle. Soft plastics get tangled in the machinery at the Recyclery.

Do not put your recycling in a trash bag. When recycling plastics just remember that if it isn’t a bottle, tub (deli, yogurt, etc.) or jar (peanut
butter, mayo, etc.) we do not collect it for recycling. If there are any contaminants or unacceptable items in your recycling tote it will no longer be collected.

Wood, Styrofoam, laundry baskets, large storage containers (clothing, under the bed, etc.) and lids, plant trays or flats, blinds, and toys.
Televisions and electronics please call the Township.

Large cardboard my be taken to the Township’s cardboard dumpster.

Contaminated Recycling – Sheet1 (2)


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