Road Rules: Increased Deer Activity

With autumn among us and the earlier onset of nightfall, motorists should be prepared for the increase in deer activity and watch carefully for deer darting across the roadways. Deer movement increases during the fall breeding season, making it all the more important for motorists to drive defensively and stay alert, especially at dawn and dusk, to reduce the risk of striking a deer. Since deer often travel in small herds, motorists should exercise caution when one deer crosses a roadway as it will likely be followed by others. By following a few safety tips, motorists can help reduce the possibility of being involved in a crash with a deer. Remember to:

• Be on the alert for deer entering the woods early in the morning and leaving in the late evening hours

 • Make young drivers aware of increased deer movement

• Slow down and use caution, particularly where deer crossing signs are posted and increase following distance between vehicles

• Be especially watchful during morning and evening hours when wildlife is most active

• Always wear your seat belt

• Never drink and drive

• Turn on your headlights if your wipers are on—it’s the law

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