Sunoco Mariner East Loud Boom Update

Updated 8/20/2019

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission has opened an investigation into the Sunoco pump station incident from August 5th.

The Daily Local News 8/20/2019 PUC article


On Monday, August 5th, shortly after 8:00 PM, West Goshen Police responded to several 911 calls regarding a loud “boom” in the area of  Sunoco Pump Station close to Route 202 and Boot Road.

It was determined to be a noise associated with the station itself and Sunoco released the following statement regarding the event:
“During routine maintenance at our Boot Station in West Goshen Twp., there was a backfire on a flare at approximately 8 pm as the station was brought back online. This resulted in a loud noise, similar to a car backfiring. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

Chester County Department of Emergency Services was notified shortly after the noise and determined it was not an emergency situation.

The PA Public Utilities Commission is aware of the incident as well.

Additionally, the Township is formally investigating the matter to determine what happened, why, and how such an event can be handled in the future. Although the only first responders at the Township-level are West Goshen Police, we will do everything in our power to find out as much information as we possibly can on behalf of our residents.

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