About the West Goshen Juvenile/Community Relations Division

The West Goshen Township Juvenile/Community Policing Division works in unison with the West Chester Area School District, the District Attorney’s Office, the Juvenile Probation Department, and most importantly the parents of children toward a common goal.  There are three officer’s assigned to the division. One of those officers is assigned to the West Chester East High School/Fugett Middle School complex. That officer remains at the school complex the entire day while school is in session. The officer provides added security to the school as well as assists school officials with any issues that come up during the day that require police assistance.  The officer also works with the Juvenile Probation Officer that is assigned to the school. The other two officers work with the other schools and daycares in the township conducting visits during the day as well as handling any incidents that arise at the schools. There are approximately 6 other schools that range from middle school age to elementary age. The township also has a large number of day care centers as well.  The Juvenile/Community Relations Division strives to have positive interactions with the students.

Home Owner Associations are welcomed to contact the department to have an officer attend one of their meetings to speak to residents about various topics pertaining to crime or crime prevention.  If you do not have a home owners association in your neighborhood but have a group of residents that would like an officer to speak with them about any of those topics please contact the department and we will schedule a presentation.  Several times a year the officers also conduct active shooter training to various businesses within the township. These officers also conduct lock down drills at all of the schools several times a year.

If the Juvenile/Community Relations Division can assist you in any way, please contact them at juvenile@westgoshen.org or call 610-696-7400 and ask for Sgt Michael Cotter. Click Here to visit the Juvenile/Community Relations Division’s website page.

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