Tips For Recycling and Waste Collection

In West Goshen Township, recyclables are comingled in a single recycling container. These comingled recyclables are brought to a sorting center in Valley Forge where they are separated and processed. Paper, cardboard, metals, and plastics are crushed and baled before further processing.

West Goshen residents can take two easy but important steps to facilitate processing of recyclables:

➤ Plastic bottles should have their caps removed and disposed of in the regular trash, as caps are made from a different type of plastic that are not recyclable.

➤ Also, newspapers and cardboards should not be stored in plastic shopping bags, as these bags are not recyclable with the paper products and often create additional waste.

Household Hazardous Waste

Items labeled with any of the following words can not be disposed of with regular trash: CAUTION, TOXIC, DANGER, FLAMMABLE, WARNING, CORROSIVE, EXPLOSIVE, REACTIVE, COMBUSTIBLE, POISONOUS, or HAZARDOUS. Explosives, ammunition, radioactive wastes, and infectious or unidentified wastes will not be accepted for disposal. Please contact the proper authorities if you have a waste item that poses a significant danger. Use the chart below to determine items that may be brought to the Chester County Household Hazardous Waste Collection sites. Collections begin at 9:00 AM and end PROMPTLY at 3:00 PM.

Paint Products Outdoor Automotive Household Other
Oil Products Pool Chemicals Fuel Additives Drain Openers Lead/Mercury
Turpentine/Thinners Weed Killers Antifreeze Spot Remover Reactive Metals
Stain/Varnish/Shellac Asphalt Sealers Carburetor Cleaners Rug/Wood/Metal Cleaners Acids/ Caustics/Solvents
Strippers/Removers Caulking Compounds Greast/Rust Solvents Mothballs/Flakes Flammables/Oxidizers
Adhesives Joint Compounds Transmission/Brake Fluids Dry Cleaning Fluid Organic Peroxide
Wallpaper Cement Roof Cements Gasoline/Gas & Oil Mixtures Toilet Bowl Cleaners Propane Cylinders under 20 lbs.
Other Solvent Based Paint Products Septic Tank Degreasers Car (lead-acid), Truck, Motorcycle, or Marine Batteries Rechargeable Batteries (Lithium, NiCad, or Button)  
  Rodent Poisons   Kerosene  


Latex paints will not be accepted—they may be air dried or mixed with cat litter and disposed of with your regular trash pickup. Motor oil and tires will not be accepted, but may be brought to your local service station. Call 610-273-3771 for locations for automotive related materials. Please pack all household hazardous wastes safely in original containers for transport.

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