About the West Goshen Traffic Safety Division

The West Goshen Police Department has a dedicated unit that is designed to address the concerns of the residents regarding traffic issues throughout the township.  The Traffic Safety Division is comprised of a Sergeant and two uniformed police officers whose main focus is the reduction of vehicle collisions and distracted driving through traffic enforcement and motor carrier inspections.  The Traffic Safety Division’s members have received specialized training in the investigation of serious injury and fatal traffic collisions and are part of a county wide crash team made up of officers from numerous municipalities throughout Chester County.   The Traffic Safety officers work closely with the township engineer conducting traffic studies when requested as well as assisting the road crew, sewer department and parks department when traffic control is necessary along the roadways.

Any citizen, organization or Home Owners Association can contact the Traffic Safety Division to speak at their events or neighborhood community groups about traffic safety.  Traffic enforcement requests along with any other concerns can be addressed by contacting the Traffic Safety Division at trafficsafety@westgoshen.org  

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