West Goshen Police Department Gumshoe Camp

On June 24th the West Goshen Police Department conducted their first ever Junior Gumshoes Camp! The camp was offered as a trial to 22 fourth grade students from Fern Hill Elementary School. In this immersive camp experience, students were introduced to an age appropriate mock “crime scene”. Students were instructed on how to collect and document evidence, dust for fingerprints and pour shoe molds. In the end, their hard work and determination paid off. With the evidence they collected, the students were able to pinpoint a major suspect in the case leading to an “arrest”. The kids were beaming with pride at their success. To end a great week at camp, all the children received a Junior Gumshoes certificate and an official letter from Chief Gleason.  

This camp will return next summer with multiple weeks being offered to township residents.  

Special thanks to Fern Hill Elementary School, WCASD Tech Department, Shawn Dzielawa, our two 12th grade volunteers, Detectives Torres, Taylor and Sergeant Peacock, Officer Laura Ashe, Dispatcher Jackie Badman, Kate Coulter and Dr. Eberly.

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