West Goshen Township Recycling Requirements

There are varying recycling requirements for homeowners, businesses and multi-unit residencies within West Goshen Township. Please refer to the guidelines below for your individual recycling requirements.

Homeowners in West Goshen Township who receive residential trash service will have curbside recycling collections on Mondays as described on page 18. Each owner, operator, or administrator of a school, hospital, nursing home, public agency, restaurant, store, office building, factory, shopping center, condominium, apartment building, or homeowner association must provide for collection of the following recyclable materials at least once a month:

Businesses: Corrugated, white bond/ copier/letterhead, and computer paper; aluminum, steel, and bimetallic cans.

Multi-unit residences: Clear and colored glass; aluminum, steel, and bimetallic cans; #1 and #2 plastics; mixed paper including newspaper, junk mail, telephone books, catalogs, white paper, magazines, flattened boxes which do not come into direct contact with food; non-corrugated cardboard. Check with your apartment complex or homeowners association to determine which materials to recycle.

Owners, operators, or administrators of these properties must provide easily accessible and suitable recycling containers and written instructions to each occupant, employee, patron, or resident which clearly describe what materials are to be recycled, how the materials are to be prepared, and how the collection system works. Educational facilities must provide for separation and collection of recyclable materials in classrooms, administrative offices, cafeterias, and dormitories.


For more information about recycling requirements, contact 610-696-5266, ext. 4305.

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