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When will my street be plowed?
The normal procedure for plowing streets in West Goshen Township is for the Streets Department to first salt hills, intersections, curve areas, then thoroughfares. Second step is to plow main streets, secondary streets, and cul-de-sacs, in that order, completing one pass in each direction on main and secondary streets, and a pass into and out of cul-de-sacs.

Click here to view the Guide for Winter Operational Procedures,
Snow and Ice Control, and General Information.

How long does a developer have to remove snow or ice on an undedicated street?
(Chapter 68)

Developers must begin removal of snow and/or ice within two hours after snow and/or ice begins to fall.

When can potholes be repaired?
Potholes on Township streets (not state roads) are repaired as quickly as scheduling and weather permits. Cold patching is done in the winter months; blacktop is used for the summer months.

When will the Township resurface streets?
The paving procedure is scheduled three to five years in advance, and in October and April the Board of Supervisors and the Township Manager accompany the Streets Superintendent on a road inspection.  The process is determined by age, traffic patterns and winter damage.  Line striping is done once resurfacing is done.

Who is responsible to take a tree down that is in the Township right-of-way?
The Township is not responsible for trees to be taken down even if they are in the Township’s right-of-way. It is the owners responsibility. If a tree has fallen into the Township street, then the Township will remove it out of the street area only. If the tree is in the Township right-of-way and it is deemed to be dead, we will contact the property owner to get a price to have it removed.  We will then get another price, and notify the owner of the price.

Can the Township remove a tree branch from electric or telephone wires?
The Township will not remove any tree limbs from electric or telephone wires. We will contact the appropriate utility company to do so.

What are the guidelines for tree branches hanging over a roadway?
All tree limbs, shrubs, etc. which are protruding into a roadway must be cleared a distance of three feet from the road and fifteen feet up.

Will the Township install or replace fallen, damaged or missing signs?
The Township will replace or install all missing or damaged stop signs and street signs as a top priority.

driveway markersHow do I prevent lawn damage from plows if I don’t have a curb along my property?
West Goshen Township recommends placing driveway markers, available at home maintenance stores, along the edge of your property to indicate to plow drivers the boundary between your lawn and the street.

Is West Goshen responsible for maintaining all the roads in the Township?
West Goshen Township is responsible for maintaining all municipally owned public roadways. The Township is not responsible for maintenance to state or private roads. Please contact for any concerns, safety issues and pothole related complaints (484-340-3200). Below is a list of state roads and privately owned roads in West Goshen Township:

State Roads Private Roads
  • Boot Road
  • E. Marshall Street
  • Fern Hill Road
  • Garfield Avenue (Lincoln Avenue to Paoli Pike)
  • Goshen Road (East of North Hills)
  • Greenhill Road
  • Lincoln Avenue (Garfield Avenue to Montgomery Avenue)
  • Montgomery Avenue
  • Paoli Pike
  • Phoenixville Pike (Route 29)
  • Pottstown Pike (Route 100)
  • S. Five Points Road (from Westtown Road to Little Shiloh Road)
  • South High Street
  • Strasburg Road
  • Westtown Road
  • West Chester Pike (Route 3)
  • Route 202
  • Route 322 Bypass
  • Furr Avenue
  • Gated Road (off Taylor’s Mill Road)
  • Hicks Road
  • Kimes Lane (off Lincoln Avenue by Schramm’s)
  • Llewlyn Circle (off Lincoln Avenue)
  • Oak Circle (off Lincoln Avenue)
  • Peaceful Lane
  • Pine Circle (off Lincoln Avenue)
  • Prospect Avenue
  • S. Walnut Street
  • Thomas Avenue
  • Turner Avenue
  • Turner Lane (south from Paoli Pike to West Chester Pike)
  • Woodcrest Circle (off Lincoln Avenue)
  • Wrights Lane

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