Bulk Trash and Recycling

Bulk Trash

Bulk trash is picked up on Thursdays.

A maximum of one bulk item per dwelling unit will be collected each week. A bulk item is a single large item (e.g., major appliances, furniture, bedding) that two people can lift. Refrigerators, air conditioners, and other cooling units must have freon removed and must be tagged by a professional freon removal service. A maximum of four carpet rolls, each no longer than four feet in length and width, will be collected.

Cans, boxes, or bags full of smaller trash items will not be collected as bulk trash. Building materials, railroad ties, and automotive parts and tires will also not be collected.

If unsure, please call West Goshen Township at 610-696-5266, ext. 4305 or email lcovatta@westgoshen.org.


Recyclables are picked up on Mondays.

For single family homes, recyclables must be placed in Township-issued recycling toters. There is no maximum limit to the amount of recyclables accepted.

The following items may be placed into recycling bins:

  • Cans: aluminum, steel, or tin. Pie tins and clean aluminum foil.
  • Bottles and jars: clear, brown, or green glass
  • Plastics: #1 through #7
  • Flattened boxes: cereal boxes, gabled juice and milk cartons, and other cardboard boxes.
  • Paper: junk mail, telephone books, catalogs, white paper, wrapping paper, magazines, and newspapers
The following items are NOT recyclable:
  • Tissues, paper towels, and napkins
  • Food wrappers
  • Wax or plastic coated boxes
  • Tyvek envelopes
  • Metallic wrapping paper
  • Light bulbs
  • Plate glass, window glass, drinking glasses, or mirrors
  • Pizza boxes – delivery
  • Lids (Water bottles, milk jugs, etc.)
  • Plastic bags (recycle at your grocery store)
  • Crystal
  • Ceramics
  • Aerosol paint cans
  • Ovenware
  • Plastic wraps
  • Styrofoam
  • Plastics without identifying recycling numbers
  • Oil cans or bottles (Note: Motor oil containers must be disposed of with household hazardous waste.)

More information about recycling is available from the Chester County Solid Waste Authority.

Interesting recycling video created by the Chester Solid Waste Authority