FAQ: Summer Programs

Since the Summer Teen Program is moving to Lambert Park will the Summer Recreation Program for 5-12 year olds still take place at West Goshen Community Park?

The Summer Recreation Program for younger children will continue to take place at West Goshen Community Park, Barker Park and Coopersmith Park. The Summer Teen Program will now be held at Robert Lambert Park. Participants in the teen program may organize and run special events for the children in the Summer Recreation Program during the course of the summer. Otherwise, participants of the two programs will be kept separate.

Are the Summer Teen Program and the Summer Recreation Program held at the same time?

Both programs begin at 9 AM and conclude at 12 noon unless a field trip or special event is scheduled. Summer Teen Program field trips may begin as early as 8 AM and conclude as late at 8 PM.

May I enroll my child(ren) in both the Summer Recreation Program and the Afternoon Sports Clinics?

Yes – Many parents choose to enroll their child(ren) in both programs. It is a great way to keep them active and engaged throughout the summer! The Summer Recreation Program is offered Monday through Friday mornings 9AM – 12 noon and the Afternoon Sports Clinics are offered on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday afternoons between 1:30 – 3:00 PM. Parents are responsible for providing transportation for each program. There is no adult supervision or lunch provided between programs.

Would I receive the discounted rate for multiple children if I have one child in the Summer Recreation Program for 5-12 year olds, and one child in the West Goshen Summer Teen Program?

Yes – the reduced price for multiple children applies across the two programs for residents of West Goshen Township. Proof of residency must be provided at time of registration to receive the resident rate (e.g. address on check, drivers license, utility bill). Parents are responsible for transporting children between parks. Visit the Chester County Road Index online to confirm that you reside in West Goshen Township.

Are field trips included in the cost of registration?

For the Summer Teen Program: No. Parents will be responsible for admission charges for each week’s field trip. Each field trip will cost between $15 and $35. The Park and Recreation Department will provide transportation from Community Park to the field trip sites at no additional charge.

For the Summer Recreation Program: Parents will be responsible for admission charges for four of the eight weekly field trips. Four trips are included in the registration fee and the additional four field trips will cost between $8 and $14 per trip. For most trips, the Park and Recreation Department will provide transportation from the parks to the field trip sites at no additional charge, however one or two trips will require parents / legal guardians to provide transportation to and from the field trip locations.

Who are the summer counselors?

Our summer counselors are carefully selected individuals who have various educational and life experience backgrounds in areas such as elementary, secondary, physical, and art education, physical / behavioral therapy, psychology, and more. All of our summer counselors have hands on experience supervising and facilitating recreation programs. In addition to being first aid and CPR certified, the Park and Recreation Department conducts a PA State Police Criminal History Background Check, a PA Department of Welfare Child Abuse History Clearance, and a FBI Fingerprint Background Check for each summer counselor.

What are some benefits my child(ren) could gain from West Goshen’s Summer Programs?

The Summer Programs offer children an opportunity to be active and social while having fun in a supervised outdoor environment unplugged from televisions, video games and computers. Our program provides a combination of structured outdoor activities and free play in a safe and fun environment supervised by adult counselors. Experts agree and numerous studies have shown that in addition to offering enjoyable summertime activities for children, summer program experiences develop important life long skills. Programs such as West Goshen’s Summer Recreation Program, Summer Teen Program and Afternoon Sports Clinics offer important opportunities for participants to engage in a variety of recreational pastimes that encourage fitness habits and healthy behaviors for a long and enjoyable life, develop leadership and cooperation skills, while creating a sense of self, independence and individualism within a shared community.

For more information, contact the Summer Program Coordinator Tom Steines at
610-696-5266 or at tsteines@westgoshen.org.