Skateboarders can help to keep the park open by adhering to the following guidelines:

  • Bikes and scooters are still not be allowed in the skatepark. Because biking / scooters and skateboarding are not compatible and potentially dangerous as simultaneous activities in a skatepark setting, anyone caught attempting to bike in the skatepark may be charged with criminal trespassing.
  • Keep food and drink outside the skatepark.
  • Remove any garbage from the skatepark and deposit in the nearby trash can or recycling bin.
  • Keep all ramps and boxes in the blue skateboarding area. Ramps or boxes may not be moved to the gray “No Skate Zone.” The Park and Recreation Department may permanently remove the movable elements from the park if they are improperly placed.
  • Do not bring in any additional ramps, boxes, or other makeshift skatepark elements or remove existing elements from the skatepark.
  • Restrict use of the skatepark to daylight hours only.
  • Treat other users of the park with respect.
  • Graffiti (including applying stickers to equipment or skatepark surfaces) or vandalism will result in IMMEDIATE closure of the skatepark and in criminal prosecution.
Click here to see the complete Rules for the Skatepark at Robert E. Lambert Park.

Hours and Events

Skatepark hours: Sunrise to sunset

West Goshen Township may close the skatepark at any time for any reason, including weather, vandalism, failure to dispose of trash in proper containers, or any other rules violations.