Egg Hunt

Social Distancing Egg Hunt

The Saturday, April 4th Egg Hunt has been cancelled.  But the West Goshen Township Park and Recreation Department encourages Township residents to have fun, get some fresh air, exercise, and to foster a sense of community this holiday season.

The West Goshen Park and Recreation Department invites all residents to participate in a special Social Distancing Egg Hunt this Easter/pre-Passover weekend.

  1.  Print out a color-at-home Easter Egg, or if you do not have a printer, feel free to draw your own on an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper.
  2. Color in your egg.  If you have children in your house, you may need them to help you!
  3. Tape the egg in your front window so it faces the street by Saturday, April 11, 2020.
  4. Take a photograph of your family standing in front of your house with your egg visible.
  5. In order to get as many households to participate as possible, we ask you to share the link to this webpage ( with anyone you know who lives in West Goshen Township.
  6. On Saturday, April 11th or Sunday, April 12th, take a walk with your family and record how many Eggs you see in the windows.
    IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTES:  Only walk along streets with sidewalks.  If your street does not have a sidewalk, consider walking in another neighborhood.  Please stay on the sidewalks as much as possible and respect homeowners’ private property.  Also, be sure to follow social distancing standards–We recommend a distance of at least ten feet from other people to ensure safety.  We also recommend participants of all ages wear face masks.  Always remember to bring hand sanitizer with you when leaving the house.
  7. Bring a pen and paper or a printout of the Egg Hunt Tally Sheet for each participating child.  Enter the child’s name and address, and the name of each street visiting.  Have each child record the number of eggs they see.
  8. Save your children’s tally sheets in a safe spot.
  9. AFTER THE WEST GOSHEN TOWNSHIP ADMINISTRATION BUILDING REOPENS, bring the Egg Hunt Tally Sheet for each child and a photo of your family standing in front of your Easter Egg to the West Goshen Township Building during regular business hours (Monday-Friday, 7 AM – 5 PM).  Each child will be awarded a treat-filled Easter Egg for each egg recorded on the Tally Sheet.
  10. For questions, email Park and Recreation Director Ken Lehr at